The Artwork


IMG_2290-2“What do you think, Dewey?” 
   I ask him, and it’s a perfect moment. One second, between the beginning and the end, when the safety of the past combines with the fear of the unknown, when everything is illuminated, and then disappears in an instant. It’s the moment when he is lost and found, again and again.

Meet the Artist

The collaborative work between Jo Gelbard and Miles Davis has been exhibited worldwide, including the Whitney Museum Biennale, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Musee de la Musique, France. Alongside their collaborative installations, her solo work has been shown in Paris, Rotterdam and London.

She is a mother and grandmother, and resides in New York. “Miles & Jo, Love Story in Blue” is her first novel.

One afternoon, he looked up from the canvas.

“Pass me the skin color,” he said.

My eyes scanned the floor. I honestly had no idea which color to pick. I feared that an argument would spoil the rest of the day, so I searched for the right phrase. I glimpsed the various shades of brown, black, pink, and beige.

“Whose?” I asked with no expression and a deep breath.

“What?” he said, peering over his metallic turquoise glasses at me.

“Whose skin color—yours or mine?”

There was silence. He glared at me. I glared back, not knowing what would come next. I waited. Finally, he said, “Pass the pink, bitch,” and smiled, to my great relief. I handed him the jar on my right.

Solo Artwork by Jo Gelbard:


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