“The moment a friend becomes a lover,   the second between life and death,  the moment life changes forever - it ain’t nothin but a move.” - Miles Davis

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Love Story in Blue: About the book

On a January morning in 1984, a chance encounter with a fellow tenant in her Upper East Side high-rise took Jo completely by surprise. It was Miles Davis, arguably the greatest and most influential jazz musician in the world. Married to award-winning actress Cicely Tyson, he was a Platinum-selling trumpeter, bandleader, and film composer. For both Jo and Miles, the connection was immediate, unmistakable, and thrilling.

Over time, their casual friendship escalated into a disruptive yet liberating affair that would build Jo’s self-esteem, give her dormant artistic ambitions a shot of adrenaline, and catch her absolutely off guard. But Miles, charming, inviting, and sensual, had a dark side—cruel, reckless, jealous, and frighteningly intense. And at thirty-two years old—married for fourteen years with a seven-year-old son—Jo found herself torn between this fiercely passionate man and her frustratingly indifferent husband, living a double life, and tormented by her inability to choose between the two.

Now, for the first time, Jo shares not only her own journey of self-discovery, but provides a rare, inside portrait of Miles Davis himself, and the private demons that fueled his genius. Ultimately, MILES AND JO: LOVE STORY IN BLUE is the story of two artists, striving for individuality, alone and together.

“It was an amazing read.It literally left me breathless in some spaces. Your insight into Miles is one that could only be captured by you because of the nature of your relationship. I’ve not read anyone who was ever able to capture in words the poignant cry of his soul which up until this time had only been captured in the sound of his horn. He wore is armor well in public .”

-Bobby Jackson, The Jazz Mind

“They met in the elevator of the Manhattan apartment building they shared on 5th Avenue. She was a young white woman of 32, wearing running clothes and no makeup. A striking black man of 58, he was recovering from hip replacement surgery and leaning on crutches. . . With deft brush strokes, Gelbard details the daring and unlikely relationship that followed in Miles & Jo: Love Story in Blue. . . This memoir is full of vivid anecdotes—some humorous, some violent, some of them sexually-tinged—that provide a fresh, page-turning perspective on the iconic and fiercely independent musical genius.”

-Pat H. Broeske, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Howard Hughes: The Untold Story.

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